We invite you to apply for the “GREENSPIRATION” training course. Creative recycling is a tool to develop life skills. The method of learning by experience is combined with a creative process, most of the time in an international environment. During this process we give a new life to waste materials. We use modern household waste materials that are found in each family, from these will born unique objects like accessories, wallets, bags, furniture, musical instruments or boardgames. We have the knowledge and experience that we can give to young people. This time we use media for the dissemination and together with participants we discover how to make best practice ‘tutorial’ videos, how to build up marketing and dissemination strategies in order to reach more people with our activities.
We are searching for 2 participants from the Czech Republic interested in media and creative recycling. Training Course “Greenspiration ON!” is a space for youth workers and leaders interested in recycling and use of wastes in a creative way. For more info and conditions please view info-pack and send application form to david.inashvili@gmail.com until 25th of August. Accommodation and food is covered by Be International.