Join Be International team and take part in the training course about street action! We are looking for 2 participants who are based in the Czech Republic and consider themselves as active citizens.

In order to take part in Streetgizer, participants have to fill online application form:


What is Streetgizer about? 

  • Streetgizer brings the power of street to youth work.
  • Streetgizer sees public action as strong tool for driving attention to our topics.
  • Training can empower youth leaders and youth workers from your NGOs with tools for street actions as happenings, nonviolent demos, art performances etc.
  • Training emphasizes the quality of public actions. We will learn how to address your community needs and avoid potential conflicts.

When: Starting from October 24th to November 1st 2014.

Where will Streetgizer take place?  We will live at Jezírko (“a lake” in English), very near to Brno, calm and ecology-friendly place. See information in English about our accommodation: and some pictures here:

What is the program about? First of all, we will explore the history and types of nonviolent action and synchronize our knowledge and attitude towards the phenomenon of street action. Secondly we will focus on the quality of street action and get to know the tools and good practice for public actions. Finally we will cooperate with local active NGOs from Brno and practice the street action in the streets in Brno.

Discover the power of street action with Be International!