Project Description

1. day (Ivan from France) (10/1/2017)

First day started with the programme explanation of the week to come.


We went outside in the snow to welcome the sun – we presented him our most trustful participants (picture) and did little bit of trust and teambuilding.


Good thing that the lion couldn’t eat the gazelle otherwise we would lost the participant in the first several seconds of this teambuilding activity (picture) We eventually manage to communicate the team spirit grew as more and more gazelles were not eaten.


Afternoon – history of Kaprálův mlýn was revealed to us. It involved science, Nazis, Reds, booz, blood, family and 56 dead horses… great place for a training.


We were also introduced to mind maps as a form for self-experience reflections.

In the last moments of the day, we did the community circle in the light of candles, where we shared our experiences and stories what has connected us with the topic of migration, islam and made us aware and caring about it.

We did this „I’m the food“ activity, apparently everyone is really sweet 🙂