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8th day, Everybody Welcome, report of the day

Day 8 (Michalina from Poland) 17/1/2019

After great breakfast we were thinking about the games we developed the day before, reflection of it and the whole day (in the groups, who were responsible for the creating process and activities). Lela told us the special rules for the procedure to make our work clearer next time (e.g. […]

7th day, Everybody Welcome, report of the day

Day 7 (Dorota from Czech Republic, Eszter from Hungary) 16/1/2017

During the 7th day the whole group was focused on testing the activities we have prepared during the previous day. The activities varied, but mainly revolved around the topics, such as Islamophobia, migration, hate speech, etc.

The day started with the forum theatre about hate speech. […]

6th day, Everybody Welcome, report of the day

Day 6 (Taher from Syria, Soňa from Slovakia) 15/1/2017

9 am –  after nice breakfast we went to a new topic “Public space”
what we began with an energizer activity which requeired cooperation and strategy thinking.

Public space

We discussed the definition of public space and who can be included, furthermore we continued with discussing the rules of
public space […]

5th day, Everybody Welcome, report of the day

Day 5 (Daniela from Slovakia) 14/1/2017

After four days of constant learning, practising, team-building and FUN mostly, we still keep  on enjoying our stay here in the  beautiful surroundings of Kaprálův mlýn. Today our most important goal was to get through the topic of non-violent communication together with Adam and Vojta. In their interesting  and […]

4th day, Everybody Welcome, report of the day

Day 4 (Aleš from Czech Republic) 13/1/2017

Today, we continued with the presentations of the situation of refugees and migrants in our countries. The highest interest was probably about the situation in Syria and of the Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

After that, we discussed about the hoaxes and disinformation campaign and how to distinguish if the […]

3rd day, Everybody Welcome, report of the day

Day 3 (Fanni from Hungary) 12/1/2017

The morning session was dedicated to the situation with migrants in our countries. We made presentations about same basic facts about migrants / refugees, their integration, civil society, media and politicians and their role in the migrant crisis. After creating the presentations, we shared our experience.

After the morning session, […]

2nd day, Everybody Welcome, report of the day

Day 2 (Orsi from Hungary, Hanane from France and Michele from Italy) 11/1/2017

After the trust building activities and getting to know each other from yesterday, today we delved into work about migration.

We started with sharing good practies  based on our own experiences and previous activities in our countries. Our tasks were to define our […]

1st day, Everybody Welcome, report of the day

1. day (Ivan from France) (10/1/2017)

First day started with the programme explanation of the week to come.

We went outside in the snow to welcome the sun – we presented him our most trustful participants (picture) and did little bit of trust and teambuilding.

Good thing that the lion couldn’t eat the gazelle otherwise we would […]

Arrival day, Everybody Welcome, report of the day

0. day (Magda from Poland) 9/1/2017

Do you remember the time when you were in the kindergarten feeling comfortable with your new friends, playing and learning in the same time? That´s what we experienced in our first arrival day of the training course in Czech Republic, organised by Be International.

“Curiosity, energy, cultural experience, different nationalities.” […]