Be International se účastní dalšího mezinárodního vzdělávacího projektu, tentokrát na téma demokracie, Evropa a Romská menšina, v Tureckém Batmanu od 1. do 9. prosince 2011.

Summary of the project:

Our world is globalizing day by day and countries make cooperations as country blocks. Between these blocks, it is no doubt that European Union is the most advantegous block in the sense of rights and freedom. And sometimes the applications of member countries make us question these democratic and free environment. In particular, different views and demands on the subject of the membership of Turkey and Rom problem give people the right to question this association.  Membership of Turkey and the Rom problem is a democracy examination for EU. In our project we will analyse democracy, human rights, principals of the basic right and freedoms of European Union and shoot a short movie about democracy and contraventions. Beside this, we will act about religion and culture, which stands as a reason of abuse of rights and we will make some of our activities in cooperation with local NGO’s. Thus, this project will contribute to interreligious dialogue and will shoot movies to fight with all kinds of discrimination and racism. Young people from participating countries will leave all kind of offenses of the history and come together to help human rights without having prejudices. During this 8-day project we will argue membership of Turkey and Rom people. 23 young people will participate to this project from 4 countries (Turkey, Poland, Italy, Czech Republic) and the movies will be exhibited to local people. In this way, participants will interact with local people and positive awareness of people will increase and become sensitive to this problems.

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