Project Description

Day 6 (Taher from Syria, Soňa from Slovakia) 15/1/2017

9 am –  after nice breakfast we went to a new topic “Public space”
what we began with an energizer activity which requeired cooperation and strategy thinking.


Public space

We discussed the definition of public space and who can be included, furthermore we continued with discussing the rules of
public space and focus specially on 5 categories : Social workers, Journalists, Activists, Educators, Academists.

While using the World cafe method we did a brainstorming about the tools which these categories use to influnce the public space, who are their targets and what advantages and disadvantages they have. We worked in groups, each group could add their opinion in each of the categories. Then we presented the outputs to others. It was nice how we found out that each of these categories has different target groups which they influnce or different tools they use.


Later we had a surprise for one of the particpant, Orsi from Hungary, who had her birthday today and till the moment I´m writing this report we are celebrating.

Educational activities

Everyone has introduced their activites and their target groups. We learned a new approach how to develop an activity called NAOMIE
(N = needs , A = aim, O = objectives , M = methods , I = implementation , E = evaluation).


After short discussion, we split into groups and started to elaborate our own educational activities related to the following topics : migration, hate speech, islamopohbia and refugee integration. Each group began with brainstorming their method and techniques which will be playtested tomorrow (fingers crossed!).

ولأننا لم نكن مشغولين كفاية, البعض منا حضر ورشة عمل مساء عن نظام الرعاية المتعلق بالاطفال الما دون في فرنسا ( وذلك بفضل نوال) وورشة عمل عن التأكد من الحقائق قامت بها فيرونيكا المتطوعة في منظمة 🙂