Interaction of religions

In April 2010, Be International took part in an international youth project in Istanbul, Turkey, called Interaction of religions. As the name recalls, the main
topic of the project was religion, its various dimensions and ways in which it effects our lives. The most important discussion during the project was interaction
of the three main monotheic religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam; how similar and at the same time different they are.

The project became to be a big inspiration for the participants, as for Be International as a whole. Therefore, the topic for summer newsletter was clear; religion and its role in nowadays society. However different our opinions on religions may be, we need to admit one thing; religion did and probably allways in some way will hugely affect the life of the whole society. Our whole culture, upon which we determine ourselves, is derived from christianity, as it is with islam for example in other parts of the world.

Nowadays, the role of religion in secular society is one of the hottest topics. There are hundreds of questions which we are searching an answer for. Is there a place for a religion in current world? If, how should we administer it? Is it ok for religion to interfere with public issues? How far can we go in our worship? In the shade of current issues, is european society as freely-thinking and tolerant as one would think?

If you ask yourself these questions as well, these few pages are the right ones for you to read.

Be International board would like to thank the

Dominik Drobný
David Kopecký
Hana Krhovská
Barbora Martínková
Ramazan Önder
Michal Vlček
Radka Valová

for sharing their opinions and providing us with
interesting stimuls for future discussions.

Enjoy the bilingual czech-english summer issue of Be
International newsletter!

BeInternational o.s.