Get to know European Voluntary Service – the full package experience for young people! Living abroad, working for NGOs, getting to know locals. All covered by Erasmus+ program and all provided by Be International.

Do you want to start volunteering in summer? The time is now. Attend “Go for European Voluntary Service” event on November 3rd at 19:30 in Spolkovna, Faculty of Social Studies and get to know more (

“Dobrovolne sluzby” climate has become a life-change clicks for many young people. European Youth started to travel not actually only in Europe, but around the world of the Earth. The information on European volunteer service was spreading quite quickly as social networks and other digital devices were offering more updates on the moment “NOW”.

Wide space for your creativity and endless versions of opportunities are one of those main reasons to become a volunteer. Desired projects are always not hardly manageable to arrange or find. So, do you think it’s time?

What you need to start EVS is simply listed here  (we will introduce the process of applying for EVS during our event):

–  your motivation and time

– Sending Organization (SO) – Be International 😉

– Hosting Organization (HO)

Be International is accredited for sending volunteers abroad from CZ. Our NGO is ready to use associations’ networking platform for the motivated candidates, support them during preparation period, their stay in hosting organization and during evaluation of the project.

Beside, non-formal education – as the methodology of EVS program – allows current students and young people to discover new way of learning and developing competences.

Until now, EVS changed lots of youngsters’ live. You’ve still got a chance to have fun, while working and learning with the youth. It can be a gift to yourself !

If you need to know more, come downstairs to Spolkovna/FSS or contact our EVS coordinator Dato Inashvili More info on EVS can be also found on website of Erasmus+.

See you soon!